Stud Dogs
Stud Dogs
Cedar Ridge Setters offers Cedar Ridge Colt as a premier English Setter stud dog. He is a natural backer and retriever. He is a large white & orange English Setter. He is strong and has excellent conformation; a deep chest, tight feet and eyes, 
a straight bite and a beautifully sculptured head. 
He possesses an easy going temperament and an excellent nose. He weighs forty eight pounds.  A naturally close working English Setter that loves to please. 
As an English Setter Stud, he produces pups with calm dispositions, strong pointing desire, brains, class and stamina. 

Cedar Ridge English Setters are OFA Certifued free of Hip dysplasia

OFA Certified English Setter Stud Dog 
Stud Fee: $400.00 
$450.00 if shipped         

Negative brucellosis required
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