Cedar Ridge Setters
"Training at Cedar Ridge
Original oil by 
Robert  K. Abbett 
Kate Boulos, Owner 
Cedar Ridge Setters
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This page was last updated on: June 15, 2024
This site is dedicated in loving memory to Dr. Andy Kranik & Emerson "Jiggs" Paull, who shared my love of Setters, and to the dogs that have shared their lives with me:
CH Cedar Ridge Ripper, Cedar Ridge Sapphire, 
Cedar Ridge Rosebud, Cedar Ridge Cavalier, 
Cedar Ridge Sandy, Cedar Ridge Royal, Cedar Ridge Zorro, Cedar Ridge Snap, Cedar Ridge Biz 
Cedar Ridge Rhinestone, "My Beautiful Jewel"
Cedar Ridge Rosebud & CH Cedar Ridge Ripper with Henry Caruso
    English Setters are gentlemen by nature,
 they are of the best disposition without fear or viciousness, 
mild mannered, loving and devoted every moment of their lives and
 A Setter's eyes are one of the jewels of the animal kingdom.   
Captain Will Judy

 I  have been breeding, raising and training English Setters for 45 years. Cedar Ridge Setters is known as one of the top English Setters breeders in the USA. 

     We are located in North Central Florida, outside of Gainesville. I breed only field English Setters. Our dogs are FDSB [ Field Dog Stud Book ] registered, which means they are field English Setters, not AKC show English Setters. In short, my English Setters are gun dogs, not show dogs. These are hunting English Setters or Field English Setters, as they are called. 

     I do not raise Llewellin Setters, which are a strain of Field English Setters which have been kept pure through generations. To keep this concept straight in your mind, remember: 
"All Llewellin Setters are English Setters but all English Setters are not Llewellin Setters".

     I work closely with English Setter rescue organizations and am always ready to help find an unwanted Setter a good home. 

     Welcome to my web site. I hope you enjoy the English Setter pictures and  information. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding English Setter training, Upland Gun Dog training, English Setter breeding, English Setters at Stud, English Setter puppies or English Setter field dogs. 

 If you are searching for an English Setter, I am one of the best and most conscientious English Setter breeders in the country with over 35 years of experience. 

English Setters and English Setter puppies are my passion!