On the Wings of "The Dove"
ADCH  MACH  Irrepressible Dove,  MX, MXJ, XF, JCH-Silver, 
SCH-Bronze, GCH-Bronze, TM-Silver, SACH, RCH
[Cedar Ridge Royal x Cedar Ridge Hope]
*These titles are both AKC (MACH, MX, MXJ, XF) and  USDAA agility titles*
      Cedar Ridge English Setters are fast and are excellent agility dogs. Their speed and drive makes them tops among the sporting breeds in Agility competition. 
     "Dove" was, at this time, the # 1 English Setter in USDAA agility and the # 2 English Setter in AKC agility.
      Let me know if agility is an area of interest for you and your future English Setter and I will do my utmost to match an English Setter puppy to your specific needs for agility competition.
Owner: D'Lynn Thompson DVM