Cedar Ridge English Setters are no strangers to field trial competition. They have gone to the winners circle many times in American Field horseback Shooting Dog and Derby competition.
 CH Cedar Ridge Ripper 

Cedar Ridge Zipper

Cedar Ridge Rosebud
Winning English Setter 
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      I have been training gun dogs professionally since 1980. Bird dog training has been my life's work. I am considered one of the best gun dog trainers in the Southeast. My unique hunting dog training program is tailored to meet the individual needs of each dog. I have finished countless numbers of gun dogs for many satisfied bird dog owners. I have also been successful in field trial training, both horseback & walking field trials and AKC hunt test training. I no longer compete in field trails on a regular basis but devote my time to training and the management of my shooting preserve/training grounds between Archer and Bronson, Florida which encompass over 1, 200 acres.

     I train all upland gun dogs breeds including versatile gun dogs. My program ranges from 3 to 6 months depending on the level of training desired and the dog's ability, experience and trainability. All dogs are different and learn at varying rates of speed, so a set time frame does not fit the needs of every dog. Upland bird dog training is very rewarding. As a trainer, one can watch a bird dog mature from an awkward puppy into a finely trained, polished, confident and reliable upland gun dog. After completing the program, your dog will be a pleasure to own and a great hunting companion with which you can share years of enjoyment afield.

     Force retrieving training is also an area where I excel. My program utilizes gentle methods and does not involve any harsh treatment of your bird hunting companion. I will produce a dog that is happy to retrieve and does so willingly as a result of training methods based on rewards and positive enforcement.

     I am not a fan nor advocate of the shock collar or "e collar" [ the name by which  it is marketed today]. It is a useful tool and has it's place in one's training equipment bag but it's abuse and misuse around game can cause irreversible damage to a good upland hunting dog prospect. 
    Training gun dogs with my method requires extensive yard work [basic obedience commands], repetition, repetition, repetition and exposure to a lot of birds. There are no shortcuts; yard work and bird work are essential parts of my training program. 

     Training English Setters and bird dog puppy training are my specialties [ I am known as "The Master of Puppy Training" ] but I enjoy all pointing dog training.  Below are photos of puppies started with my unique puppy training program which instills confidence, enjoyment in hunting and desire for birds. 
*Note the style and intensity with which these young dogs [all under 6 months of age] are pointing live quail, not a bird wing on a pole. I take dogs from 4 months of age and up. My puppy training program includes introduction to birds and gunfire, loading and riding in crate, exposure to leash/collar, introduction to water and swimming and countless romps over my 1,200 acre training grounds
Puppies relaxing, playing, and learning at the shooting preserve grounds
Puppies being started on birds through my unequaled and unique puppy training program
FIELD TRIAL TRAINING:  Horseback or walking.
     Dogs finished steady to wing & shot with confidence and polish. Emphasis on conditioning, handling and backing [honoring] on sight.
   CONTACT: I invite you to come by and visit. Call or email  for an appointment or an evaluation of your dog. [ Links below ]. I will be happy to assist you in any endeavor you decide to undertake with your bird hunting companion; be it competive field trialing, 
AKC hunt tests or upland bird hunting. *References are available and gladly supplied upon request.
     Even the best trained dog needs to stay in shape and keep up his desire and conditioning. As a customer, post training work is also available for you and your dog on my private shooting preserve grounds [over 1,200 acres] where you will be able to work your dog with all the help and birds you need or with no interference at all.
     You can rest assured that your dog will receive the best of care while in training and will be worked on a regular basis. I only take 6 dogs to train at one time so each can receive my utmost attention.
     My kennels and premises are clean and free of parasites and disease. Your dog will be kept up to date on heartworm preventative, flea & tick control and any medications and supplements he may require.
"Cedar Ridge Winners"
original oil by Pam Fullford

Cedar Ridge Frenchy
CH Cedar Ridge Ripper