Do you require a deposit?
Yes, deposits are required and are non refundable. I breed sparingly. 
This is not a puppy mill.

What color are your English Setters?
The majority of my dogs are tricolored (white, black, tan, and ticked). Occasionally we do have white and orange pups.

Can you provide an extended pedigree?
Yes, a three generation pedigree of both parents is available upon request.

How long have you been in business? 
Thirty six years 
Are your dogs x rayed for hip dysplasia?
Yes, Cedar Ridge English Setters have been certified free of hip dsplaysia for over 35 years. All dogs in my breeding program are OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) certified free of hip dysplasia and come from many generations of OFA certified dogs. A copy of the parent's and grandparent's OFA certificates are included in the information package you recieve with your puppy. A displastic dog leads to nothing but heartache. 

What are your views on conformation?
Most bird dogs folks will tell you, "Pretty is as pretty does". I feel this is only partially true. A well conformed dog is more likely to have the stamina one needs in a hunting companion and is less prone to injury. My English Setters have straight legs, deep chests, tight feet and tight eyelids.(Droopy eyelids trap grass particles which make a hunting dog miserable and can lead to serious eye injuries. Splayed or "coon footed" feet put undue stress on leg tendons and muscles). All my dogs have good bites; no overshot or undershot jaws.

Do you have "brood matrons" ?
 No, all females in my kennel are personal hunting companions or field trial competitors. If an indivual is not of the quaility to participate in the hunting or field trial programs, she does not have the traits  necessary to produce offspring which will meet my high standards.  

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"Do your Setters have heart problems, elbow problems or deafness"?
     No, these problems are not an issue in Field English Setters and I have never had any of these maladies in my bloodlines